Saturday, March 1, 2008


There are a lot of firsts for me today--- We'll start with the happy first: My stint as Featured Artist with Avatrait Gallery begins today! Its been weeks of preparation, and now down to the final hours before the show...less than 3 now!

When I say lots of work, in total I prepped over 30 images in hours of work for this show, with only 16 being featured...well, 17 with the freebie work, which was a tongue in cheek look at Cheesecake or PinUp art! It makes me laugh when I think of this as when I used this term with Mario Gerosa, senior editor with Architectural Digest, Italia when we were discussing art in SL and he had never heard it. It must be an American term. It actually is a school of art, which has gained attention in the last hundred years or so. It generally refers to pictures of scantily clad, attractive women in poses meant to show off their assets.
So...this is my first today, my first time as a featured artist of anything...

And since I want this to be a happy day.... I'll leave it with the happy thoughts and not even address the other first. I choose to be happy. You can choose to!

Happy Dae!


Looker Lumet said...

Congrats Dae!! You deserve it!;)
And your pictures were wonderful!

Daequix said...

awww ty Looker! I appreciate it, and still have to get to your exhibit! Can't wait! I'll be by on the weekend!