Sunday, January 27, 2008

New MakeUp for the Gurls!

DaeSkins releases 4 new skins in the Paisley and Scarlett lines this evening.

From left to right:
Paisley- Golden Girl
Scarlett- Merlot
Paisley- Vibrato
Scarlett- Subdued

Each is priced at only $L400 and for On Second Thought Group Members (you can join at the above link) there is always a further 10% discount on new releases for the first 72 hours! So jump up, join up and shop!

Stupid Cupid stop picking on me!

Stupid Cupid on YouTube

If you're reading this you are among the first to hear about Lo Lo's upcoming, rocking Stupid Cupid Party on February 9th, 2008. Everybody is invited!

Starting at 12 noon SLT there will be a Candied Heart Hunt Simwide with featured sponsors: Caroline's Jewelry, DaeSkins, Gadget Gear and Second Thoughts.

At 3pm until 4pm SLT, the Stylings of Naphtali Hawks, Grandmaster of Raggae will be featured.

Starting at 4pm SLT the theme will be a blast from the past with the Lo Lo Stupid Cupid party, featured DJ is to be announced but there will be 2 hours of 50's dance music played.

If you have questions (or suggestions for a great DJ who can spin past the time barrier), pst to me in world!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Going, going gone!

I don't know whether to feel happy or sad.... Moving day is growing closer and closer. I've had this location for about a year now. It is thanks to Selena Gateaux the mind behind Goldie Locks in Second Life that I even had a chance to grow my DaeSkins business as much as it has.

I feel like a fledgling right now. I'm nervous about the change, yet excited all at once. We've had the Second Thoughts Lo Lo location for over a year. Now is the time to focus on this...

The sale is still going on with random skins posted new every day priced at 100 Lindens. And tomorrow (Sunday) we'll be adding a bit more to the pot. I'll announce more later. Suspense is my friend.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Raindancer or Fluster decide

Business first, my Mom always said... DaeSkins' sale continues with a new skin placed on sale daily at only 100 Lindens (one for men and one for women) PLUS- today only from 730 AM SLT until tomorrow morning- 2 skins will be marked down to $L50 as well. The 100 lindens sale will continue through January 31st when the main branch of DaeSkins will be moving fully to our Lo Lo Sim Location

Raindancer? There is a quote: " Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain" I'm not sure who to attribute this too, however its pouring down rain here in Southern California. And happiness would be something I sure would not associate with this deluge.

For those of us who are blessed to live in this smog filled, traffic congested region- drought is a daily affair. It rarely rains here. Sometimes the clouds spit a little, but real rain? Rare. So imagine 36,457,549+ people driving in water gushing from the clouds....make it better. Imagine 36,457, 549+ people who never drive in the rain, trying to go in the same direction all at once. It's a fluster cluck believe me :)

California Hydroplaning should be a new Olympic sport. Californians are idiots on the road anyways, but the rain just brings out the madness even more so. It probably has something to do with the constant hemorrhage of pollution we have flowing through our bodies and into our brains daily.

On my way to and from work this past week, I am finding myself resembling more the 96 year old lady from Pasadena on the roadways. I have people passing me like I'm standing still. (Of course I do want to point and laugh at them when I pass them later having merged with another car...somehow I don't think this is what Spock had going on with his Vulcan Mind Meld) Its not fun cause I want to drive like the cool kids, but I don't want to die like them.

So...I contemplate this cute little quote about dancing in the rain.... as I trudge into work with my shoes and jeans drenched to the knee, my hair that I just frigging washed hanging limply drooling streams of water down my face...mascara running in very unattractive trails along those same rivulets. And with this, you are probably wondering why I don't use an umbrella....despite the fact that so few of us even own those things anymore in California...

I did try the umbrella that was left in my car by my Mom, who died earlier this year...unfortunately I think it was made in about 1941. It was what I'd call a really limp rendition of rain protection and had this really unattractive cloud of dust when I opened it up, which promptly turned into mud when it hit my face. The little pokie things bend at this really odd angle, and actually made me worry that I might put an eye out. Aside from those facts it seemed to direct the flow of rain onto me instead of away... Mom is laughing her ass off now, I know.

So....Californians have to share...we're giving people, kinda. We tried fitting a few of us under an umbrella Tuesday night to escape to our cars. All I can say is my ass was soaked by the time I got to my car. Dancing in the rain my arse!

Romantic images of dancing in the rain, I love....its the reality of it that sucks.

Dae, the sarcastic one who is sick of this wet weather....gimme my sunshine back!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It's funny sometimes how things happen. As many of you know I'm a Hospice Nurse. (yeah I know Dae, state the obvious...profile says it! d'oh?)
In addition I design in SecondLife and am a Flickr addict. I'm a new Photoshop user, and figure I can say that until I've been at it for at least 20 years.... Well,not really, I picked up Photoshop about a year and a half ago for the first I classify that as new. (My blog! My Definitions! Hah!)

In any event, the past weeks have brought a promotion at work. With this promotion have come many headaches, as well as some good things. (Still trying to list those "goodies" and so far the list is about 1 word long but 'brought some good thing' just didn't sound right). I've competed in the SLArtist Idol competition, and also been preparing for a featured artist spot.

What I'm saying is that the caption says it all to me- I was blind in so many ways. While I thought I had priorities straight: compete, produce, work without taking any time off, meet deadlines, do, do, do- I really didn't. I lost my wish and desire to 'make stuff'- I lost my energy to be anything because I was so wrapped up in other people's expectations and goals. My creativity was externally driven, and not internally.

Blindsighted says so much to me- She is a guardian, yet she has no sight. She relies on her other senses to protect, to win, and yes, she can kick your arse. In looking deeper she is so much more because she is trusting of her inner sense. She relys on that inner sense to guide each and every action. While blind, she hasn't lost sight of who she is. She has internal direction and sight.

In the past weeks, I lost sight of myself and my family. I became deadlines to please other people. So what is important? Family and friends of course, are the first of all. Work goals are a must since living under a bridge and eating honeybuns is not exactly my ultimate goal in life. But after is up to me. I don't want to lose my internal sense of direction, creativity and be prey to others for direction.

I'm back.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Voted off the Island! Ohh nooooos!

Well the party is over! Crying in my suds...or is that spuds? I got voted off the Island yesterday! I'd say lets have a pity party know what it's really fine.
My Entry a kinda pop arty sorta Beetlejuice inspired Still-------->

The assignment for the SLArtist Idol Contest was "Still Life". I struggled with it horribly all week. I was sick of looking at chairs, sofas, tables, bowls, jugs of all sorts of indescribable goo in them. I even thought about revisiting the Phallus Garden at Panache....hmmm, not sure that would have qualified!

The entries that placed, imho were stunning: Ryker Beck - Cienga Soon - Kimico Jewell - SkyCat Ranger - Evangeline Cortes will continue on to the next round with this weeks assignment being "Landscape".

The competition has been tough, and it will only get more best wishes and congratulations to each of these fine artists of Second Life. (I'd say break a leg but someone might sue me for that one....)

Alright next: Another new $L100 skin is labeled and ready for search and wear missions. If you choose to accept this just teleport to the Second Thoughts/DaeSkins location on Lo Lo and take a look around on the ground floor. The discounted skin is boxed as normally so will take a little searching through the store. Good luck and enjoy!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ruh Roh! Mind Change....high velocity!

Well, I changed my mind....heh! Instead of the half price sale on one skin, I've made one skin at the Lo Lo location of DaeSkins only 100 Lindens. This will change by 8am every day leading up through the 31st of January.

Each skin is boxed as usually, so you'll need to search it out guys! While you're there be sure to check out the upper floor as well, Soli and Gadget have been hard at work with new releases!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

DaeSkins is Moving from its Location on Nantli Xolal

NEWSFLASH- DaeSkins prepares to Move!

From January 20th, 2008 until January 31st, 2008 DaeSkins will be moving from its current mainstore at Nantli Xolal hosted by Selena Gateaux of Goldie Locks.

DaeSkins has been on Nantli for a bit over a year now and is preparing to devote efforts to its parent company, Second Thoughts and partner company, Gadget Gear.

In Celebration: (do I hear a Wooot!???)
for the next 12 days a random skin will be hosted at half price at the Lo Lo location of DaeSkins. The featured skins will be switched every day by 8am SLT, so there will be a total of 12 skins on sale over the next 12 days.


News around Second Life:

Don't miss out on the SLArtist IDOL contest going on now at the SIM Betria Prime- into its third week of contest, this American Idol styled show is held every Sunday at 10 am SLT. Judges: Stephen Venkman, Turlututu Chafee and Gabrielle Sinatra are featured with comments ranging from the heart and to the technical. The submitted works vary greatly and each week seeing the newest unveiled is a special treatFirst of its kind in SL it's a not to miss program!

Last weeks featured artists were asked to depict original work around the theme of Friendship. The next assignment which will be tackled and featured tomorrow morning is "Still Life". Regardless of selected subject there is sure to be alot of laughter, fun and even a few picky comments...all the more fun.

Come join us if you dare!

That's all for today!