Friday, February 29, 2008

Someone Shot the Sofa

My fabric shipment didn't come in last week....and I've been dying to stitch up a few new outfits.... Well....hrmm, I happened to run by the Bayou last night and came upon what looked to be a fishin' shack. I was sorta looking in the windows... And then I saw my fabric...on the rack so to speak....take a look at this priceless source, and the cool thing is no one will see it's gone! Sweet! I'm an former EQ2 player so I knew how to harvest them resources....

A few hours later, after I dragged the material up with the rope and pulley system Gadget geared up for me, I was ready to box my new creations! I think they came out real fashionable-like considering I had to shoot the sofa for these...

Available at DaeSkins, Second Thoughts, Gadget Gear in Lo Lo

Also new at DaeSkins- a new outlet in Venice!
And a Victorian Release coinciding with the show at [re]collections:

This Tiffany Glass inspired outfit comes in two different shades and slightly different styles. Complete with Sculpted Flexi Prim skirt for that wonderful sassy flounce of ruffles, a wonderfully detailed bodice with a modest overblouse, elbow length Tiffany glass gloves in creamy, dreamy colors a Lampshade inspired bonnet and....Bless me Jeeves Bloomers! What more can you ask for!

Ohh? A look at the outfit? Sure thing, Blossom!

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