Saturday, February 2, 2008

From Poppets to Love Bugs

Pansies and Poppets go so well together as well as, Love Bugs when its Valentine's. I've been feeling a bit pink decided to release some Valentine's appropriate outfits... From Classy Textured pants complete with a small lacquered heart Zipper, a cutsey Laced Bodice to jeans complete with LOvE rear ending you.

The pants included in Poppet's Pansies actually have a belt-line of beautifully textured pansies.

In addition a 60's inspired outfit called: Amethyst Fancy, perfect for any Miss in the Pink...guess I've been busy....and pink. All this Pink must be some sort of illness, I never wear pink IRL, so....where is it coming from??
I think what's really been happening is we are gearing up for our next week's Stupid Cupid Party on the 9th of February. And some of the Pink must have rubbed off on me. Meh!! The party does promise to be lots of fun and with some major tunes from Naphtali from 3 to 4pm SLT then 4pm until 6pm will be Sock Hop-alicious with Madame Maracas from RadioRadio! If you haven't heard her spin, then you are really missing out one fine SL DJ.

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