Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kharisma_ New Release from DaeSkins

Kharisma....say you don't have it but you want it? Now you can....with one quick shopstop to DaeSkins on Lo Lo!

Kharisma comes available in Blonde, Brown, Red-Brown and Black brows and bits. Also available- shapes (as pictured) in 5'7 ", 5' 10" and 6'1" tall (copy only)

Endangered Species? You betcha!

The Great Boobrie is a mythical bird of the Scottish Highlands, haunting lakes and salt wells...similar in markings to the Great Northern Div......umm, wait. (spell check time) Heh.....k, I meant the great Boobie. Ooops?
Okay...I guess I can now say I've been a doofus for the cause but: It's for's for the fight against's ONLY 100 Lindens- now available at DaeSkins now (along with some other great RFL offerings and semi normal products! Please come check DaeSkins/Second Thoughts/Gadget Gear out on Lo Lo and across the SIM is Caroline's Jewelery with some more RFL offerings!

Pure Cheesecake/ Pin Up contest deadline approaching!

May 2nd, 2008 at Midnight (SLT) is the final moment for your entry into the Pure Cheesecake Pin Up contest being hosted by Second Thoughts/DaeSkins and Gadget Gear...all for fun.

Prizes! Events! Immortalized Beauty! All in one package! (k...taking off my used car sales hat and just going to talk)

If you're interested just drop by DaeSkins and click on the pic for info!

Ta for now!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are you DaeSkins™ Next Pure Cheescake Model?

Cha-Cha-Cha....sis boom bah? Nope! Nope! Nope! this is the newest cheesy angle to get you buy absolutely NOTHING! Huh? Are we crazy or what? Well, yes we are but thats besides the point...

DaeSkins, Second Thoughts and Gadget Gear is sponsoring a contest to select 12 finalists to be featured in a Pin Up Artwork by Daequix Scarborough. This requires NO purchase. See? I told you we were crazy!
Submissions are due to Daequix Scarborough by May 2, 2008 at 12 Midnight SLT.
In order to be part of the contest:

1. a Notecard Titled: Pure Cheesecake_ (insert your Avatar Name here)
(for example- Pure Cheesecake_Daequix Scarborough)

2. On this notecard I'd like you to explain why you think you would be the best pick for one of the Pure Cheesecake Works by Daequix.

3. Also- enclose a full perm snapshot titled: Snapeshot: Pure Cheesecake_ (insert Avatar Name here). The photo must be an inworld snapshot (no photoshop or retouching photos) in your best pin up pose AND the skin/shape/hair you wish to use for your shots)! These photos must be full perm ONLY to allow the judges to select.

(no pornography, tasteful nudity is allowed. Please keep it non explicit :)...I have boobs and cookies too I don't need to see yours up close. Tyvm! ;) )

No purchase is required from Second Thoughts, DaeSkins or Gadget Gear. (though it is ALWAYS appreciated) Purchasing from any of the named stores will have no bearing on the results of the contest.

There will be an initial 12 girls selected for the Pure Cheesecake series.
Each will be required to sign a model release with Daequix and will discuss in person the details with her.

6 Judges will be selected to assist with selection of the models.

What will you receive as one of the 12 selected initial Cheesecake Models:

- a personal signed copy of yourself as a Pure Cheesecake Pin Up created by Daequix Scarborough
- any outfits required will be furnished for your session and yours to keep
- $L1000 gift certificate from DaeSkins/Second Thoughts/Gadget Gear



Sunday, April 13, 2008

29 Flirty New Animations_ Lollipop Pak!

Lollipop! Whee.....Flirtie! Girlie! And all together cutie!! 29 new Animations are included in this Megapak all for $L1300. You can also pick and choose ( choosie I don't care!) and purchase individual animations for $L50!

To preview the entire Lollipop Pak head on over to
Second Thoughts/DaeSkins at Lo Lo !!!