Friday, February 29, 2008

Someone Shot the Sofa

My fabric shipment didn't come in last week....and I've been dying to stitch up a few new outfits.... Well....hrmm, I happened to run by the Bayou last night and came upon what looked to be a fishin' shack. I was sorta looking in the windows... And then I saw my fabric...on the rack so to speak....take a look at this priceless source, and the cool thing is no one will see it's gone! Sweet! I'm an former EQ2 player so I knew how to harvest them resources....

A few hours later, after I dragged the material up with the rope and pulley system Gadget geared up for me, I was ready to box my new creations! I think they came out real fashionable-like considering I had to shoot the sofa for these...

Available at DaeSkins, Second Thoughts, Gadget Gear in Lo Lo

Also new at DaeSkins- a new outlet in Venice!
And a Victorian Release coinciding with the show at [re]collections:

This Tiffany Glass inspired outfit comes in two different shades and slightly different styles. Complete with Sculpted Flexi Prim skirt for that wonderful sassy flounce of ruffles, a wonderfully detailed bodice with a modest overblouse, elbow length Tiffany glass gloves in creamy, dreamy colors a Lampshade inspired bonnet and....Bless me Jeeves Bloomers! What more can you ask for!

Ohh? A look at the outfit? Sure thing, Blossom!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ladies of the Arts & Crafts Movement

Date: February 27 - April 6, 2008
Location: [re]collections at Caledon Penzance
No. 5 Pirate Kings Rd and Bunthorne Blvd

Celebrating the herstory behind some of our earliest lady artists and designers. "Ladies of the Arts & Crafts Movement" features information, aethernetical resources, and historical artifacts created by the [re]collections group:

Martini Discovolante (Ceramics/Pottery)

Daequix Scarborough (
Textiles- Tiffany stained glass dress created for this exhibit)

Sue Stonebender (1898 piano)

Malone Sands (Jewelry, Textiles, Furniture)_Producer/Curator

This exhibit stands to be one of the best of the SL year judging from the items I've seen already featured in the addition, Miss Sands has created a lush, warm toned environ within her shop, which gives an all together cozy feel. A sense of intimate shopping. What more can one ask for?

In addition, we have some new releases in the Animations/Poses area of our store-

First floor, back of the wall by the giant headed Hobby Horses...
I know..I know! You have to see it to believe it, but we really do have Hobby Horses on the wall. (no animals were harmed in the making of these products) So....uhm, back to the poses?

25 new poses/animations are available now on the February 08 Vendor- categories included - Dark Poses (for those goth moments) , Glamor Poses (for that all girl glam feel) and Ground Poses (umm that be on the ground, bubba). In addition after numerous requests...okay more than 2! I have made a boxed set at a discounted price. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Designers in Seclusion Valentines/AntiValentines Hunt!

The Designer's in Seclusion hunt started today at 12AM SLT with over 40 Designer's participating!
Just Below this you can see the Valentine's Outfit available at DaeSkins. I won't show you the Anti-Valentines but I will warn you...
don't put it on, you will regret it!

In addition the Candy Heart Hunt which is SIM wide at Lo Lo opened just now at 12 pm SLT


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just a quick reminder: February 9th!

Valentine's Hunt starts at 12pm

Raggae Master Artist LIVE : Naphtali Hawks - 3pm

RadioRadio's Madame Maracas spinning at the Stupid Cupid Party Grounds from 4pm to 6pm!
Come in 50's wear or not! Just come! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

From Poppets to Love Bugs

Pansies and Poppets go so well together as well as, Love Bugs when its Valentine's. I've been feeling a bit pink decided to release some Valentine's appropriate outfits... From Classy Textured pants complete with a small lacquered heart Zipper, a cutsey Laced Bodice to jeans complete with LOvE rear ending you.

The pants included in Poppet's Pansies actually have a belt-line of beautifully textured pansies.

In addition a 60's inspired outfit called: Amethyst Fancy, perfect for any Miss in the Pink...guess I've been busy....and pink. All this Pink must be some sort of illness, I never wear pink IRL, so....where is it coming from??
I think what's really been happening is we are gearing up for our next week's Stupid Cupid Party on the 9th of February. And some of the Pink must have rubbed off on me. Meh!! The party does promise to be lots of fun and with some major tunes from Naphtali from 3 to 4pm SLT then 4pm until 6pm will be Sock Hop-alicious with Madame Maracas from RadioRadio! If you haven't heard her spin, then you are really missing out one fine SL DJ.