Monday, March 17, 2008

Viva la Raza, Louis!

I've been gone from Second Life for about a week now except for chance moments here and there, and a bit of time to cheer in the Launch Day Party of Relay for Life 2008 Second Life style.

I have a 2 stores laying fallow waiting for me to decorate them and get product set up. I have my current show running at Avatrait that I've been a small part of. I have puppies to feed here in RL, a man to love, and a son to survive. But...for me honestly the world has stood still in the past week. And the little things in life, just seem even smaller right now. My family has seen me literally run in for a few moments to change or sleep over the last 4 days, and then run out. We've exchanged texted, "I love you", "I'll be a bit longer, don't wait up", "He's hanging on here". Why?

One of my best friends in first world has been in the midst of losing her father, Louis to Prostate Cancer. We were with her when he was brought on Hospice about 6 months ago. We are all Hospice Nurses. We deal with loss, and death every day of our lives. We comfort others, we listen, we help people get through the roller coaster of a ride that losing someone is.

This past week...has been unbelievably hard. We have listened, talked, hugged, cried, and screamed at the universe together. This week, we watched her father leave this life together. Time and the meaning of most things lose all perspective. We laughed alot this week. We drank alot of Patròn. I even learned about Silver, Gold and what we call, Repo'd Patròn. We've cried buckets of tears. We've shared secrets, and love.

Tonight....Louis left this life. He left behind a legacy of love. Tonight...I learned how to toast this beloved man as he left this earth. We saluted him together. We escorted his body from the house together. Seven women strong, we gathered tonight. We heralded his departure. He left this world with a fully bloomed rose at his breast, and 7 loving kisses planted on his forehead and face. His face glistened with our tears. Seven of us who cared for him in the last days of his life into the wee hours, around the clock. And even more importantly, those who have loved him through out his life...his wife and daughter.

Through this all, this lesson in caring reminded me of lessons learned at my own father's matter the race, the culture, the religion, or even the political belief...we are all one in our humanity. And I even learned to love the word 'gringa' as it was tossed affectionately my way through these last days of love and loss.

For this reason I ask....when you see the donation kiosks in Second Life or in First Life...don't just walk by. Even if you give one linden or dollar, it can make a difference. Don't be afraid to care. I'm not, even when it hurts.

To his memory, I devote my time and effort in the cause and the work in Relay for Life. All I can say is, "Viva la Raza, Louis!"


Looker Lumet said...

This is touching indeed. Beautiful article by the way.
And I think we are all in this together, everyone of us will, or has already encountered such a loss.
I will surely contribute in one or the other way!

Arteer said...

A heartfelt and loving tribute from a caring friend... you surely are that. Thinking about you. ~Love, Art~