Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Skin to Skin

Aside from just being a happy sorta girl tonight, I want to introduce our new animations release from DaeSkins/2T- there is a new 6pack release with all pictured available at one low price of $L250 or individual new poses available at $L50 per pose.

DaeSkins has 3 new girls in town with the release of Savannah makeup styles:

(From left to right)
Owie!!! Fae Dreams and Streamers

Owie!! came from work for an exclusive Avatrait Gallery Show and was developed for a photoshoot, the resulting images were featured in the show.

Fae Dreams was inspired by a want to have a skin that wasn't all 'correct' colors but maintained her muted colors.....it is embellished further with a white tattoo of starbursts around the eyes and down the bridge of the nose.

Streamers- soft, classic with a twist of trendy....love it, and the feel it gives me when I wear it.

All of these are available as copy, no transfer, no modify copies at our Lo Lo location of DaeSkins, and OnRez.

No skin is over $L400 in our store.

Feel free to wander when you do visit Lo Lo, we share the SIM with Caroline's Jewelry, and are graced with the beauty of a down home bayou, wetland complete with ducklings, fireflies, and wildlife...explore, sit and think or just cuddle.

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