Monday, January 21, 2008

Voted off the Island! Ohh nooooos!

Well the party is over! Crying in my suds...or is that spuds? I got voted off the Island yesterday! I'd say lets have a pity party know what it's really fine.
My Entry a kinda pop arty sorta Beetlejuice inspired Still-------->

The assignment for the SLArtist Idol Contest was "Still Life". I struggled with it horribly all week. I was sick of looking at chairs, sofas, tables, bowls, jugs of all sorts of indescribable goo in them. I even thought about revisiting the Phallus Garden at Panache....hmmm, not sure that would have qualified!

The entries that placed, imho were stunning: Ryker Beck - Cienga Soon - Kimico Jewell - SkyCat Ranger - Evangeline Cortes will continue on to the next round with this weeks assignment being "Landscape".

The competition has been tough, and it will only get more best wishes and congratulations to each of these fine artists of Second Life. (I'd say break a leg but someone might sue me for that one....)

Alright next: Another new $L100 skin is labeled and ready for search and wear missions. If you choose to accept this just teleport to the Second Thoughts/DaeSkins location on Lo Lo and take a look around on the ground floor. The discounted skin is boxed as normally so will take a little searching through the store. Good luck and enjoy!



Looker Lumet said...

I wish you good luck with your blog, Dae, the name has been added on my blog. It is always good to know where to find everyone.;))

Daequix said...

Thank you Looker, your's is added as well! yay! And definitely am looking forward to this extended family of Second Life


Shoshana Epsilon said...

I'm sorry you got kicked off, but it was a VERY tough competition. Heck, I didn't even make the first round!

Our blogs are linked, so it will be easier to keep track of you. Best of luck with the blog!


Daequix said...

I was sorry to but also relieved in some ways.....damn mixed feelings!

Thank you for the link and look forward to keeping in touch more!


Arteer said...

Oh! Nice blog! And any time *you* are voted off something, *they* have lost, not you. Hope to keep up with you here! ;=)

Daequix said...

awww, well that brings a big awww and a huggle! Thank you Art :)