Friday, January 25, 2008

Raindancer or Fluster decide

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Raindancer? There is a quote: " Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain" I'm not sure who to attribute this too, however its pouring down rain here in Southern California. And happiness would be something I sure would not associate with this deluge.

For those of us who are blessed to live in this smog filled, traffic congested region- drought is a daily affair. It rarely rains here. Sometimes the clouds spit a little, but real rain? Rare. So imagine 36,457,549+ people driving in water gushing from the clouds....make it better. Imagine 36,457, 549+ people who never drive in the rain, trying to go in the same direction all at once. It's a fluster cluck believe me :)

California Hydroplaning should be a new Olympic sport. Californians are idiots on the road anyways, but the rain just brings out the madness even more so. It probably has something to do with the constant hemorrhage of pollution we have flowing through our bodies and into our brains daily.

On my way to and from work this past week, I am finding myself resembling more the 96 year old lady from Pasadena on the roadways. I have people passing me like I'm standing still. (Of course I do want to point and laugh at them when I pass them later having merged with another car...somehow I don't think this is what Spock had going on with his Vulcan Mind Meld) Its not fun cause I want to drive like the cool kids, but I don't want to die like them.

So...I contemplate this cute little quote about dancing in the rain.... as I trudge into work with my shoes and jeans drenched to the knee, my hair that I just frigging washed hanging limply drooling streams of water down my face...mascara running in very unattractive trails along those same rivulets. And with this, you are probably wondering why I don't use an umbrella....despite the fact that so few of us even own those things anymore in California...

I did try the umbrella that was left in my car by my Mom, who died earlier this year...unfortunately I think it was made in about 1941. It was what I'd call a really limp rendition of rain protection and had this really unattractive cloud of dust when I opened it up, which promptly turned into mud when it hit my face. The little pokie things bend at this really odd angle, and actually made me worry that I might put an eye out. Aside from those facts it seemed to direct the flow of rain onto me instead of away... Mom is laughing her ass off now, I know.

So....Californians have to share...we're giving people, kinda. We tried fitting a few of us under an umbrella Tuesday night to escape to our cars. All I can say is my ass was soaked by the time I got to my car. Dancing in the rain my arse!

Romantic images of dancing in the rain, I love....its the reality of it that sucks.

Dae, the sarcastic one who is sick of this wet weather....gimme my sunshine back!


Looker Lumet said...

haha, Dae, now you know how it is to live in a country where it is waiting for the summer to arrive, just to have some hope at a little sunshine. In Belgium, where I live, we have approximate 200 "raindays" in a year. Can you imagine? So that would make us experts in dancing in the rain, lol.

Daequix said...

Lol, Looker- I know I'm totally spoiled here, I have the California attitude that sunshine is best....but my question is:

Since in Belgium, you have so many raindays, are there fewer idiots per capita on the road?

Dae :)