Sunday, May 4, 2008

12 survive in Pure Cheesecake Contest

The six judges for the Pure Cheesecake Contest sponsored by Second Thoughts, DaeSkins and Gadget Gear had their work cut out for them on this Sunday, May 4th, 2008 when 28 lovely Pin Up Potentials were judged based on their look and comments on "Why you think you would be the best pick for one of the Pure Cheesecake works by Daequix?".

Answers ranged from contestant to contestant:
" I think I have a girl next door quality...", "....girly-girl with maybe just a smidge of tomboy", "I love everything and all things retro. people say I was born in the wrong era....", and "I am not "stick skinny", and I think that works well for the pin-up genre...". As you can see it had to be hard to choose with such great responses!

Voting took place today between 8am and 9pm SLT with 12 final "Cheesecake" Models selected by the 6 judges: Arteer Oliva, Solivar Scarborough, Caroline Apollo, Elexor Matador, Lumiere Noir and Rosmairta Kilara.

Congratulations to ALL contestants, it was a hard choice!

The Final 12 are: Abbie Reinard, Laynie Link, Bex Hathaway, Francesca Balogh, Griete Rasmuson, Halfpint Pennell, Kelly Bellman, Barrie Matova, Ozluna Innis, Trixie Bumbo, Shangreloo Kuhn, and Evariel Evelyn. (listed in no particular order)




Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Thanks guys! *feels all warm and Cheesecakey*
~Barrie Matova

Daequix said...

Congrats to you Barrie, and all the rest.....I'll be sending out all the new info by tomorrow evening hopefully!